Best Wineries in Australia

If you have ever wanted to see Australia’s blossoming wine country, you will want to make your trip to Australia an event. Get yourself a helicopter, pack your bags and book yourself on a one-way flight across the country to some of Australia’s finest and most beautiful wineries. Enjoy the beauty of Australia’s most famous wine area, the Hunter Valley, in the company of a professional helicopter pilot who will take you above the picturesque vineyards at Bluebush Estate and make an exhilarating grand entrance after landing at the renowned wineries of Australia. You will also get an up-close and personal tour of some of the wineries in the region.

Best Wineries Australia


The state of Victoria is home to some of the best wineries in Australia including the Hunter Valley, which is known for its Chardonnay production, and Margaret River, which is known for its Shiraz and other sparkling wines. The Barossa Valley is also a popular wine-producing region in Victoria and is famous for its Zinfandel and other grape varieties. The Sunshine Coast, which is the largest of the Australian states, has many renowned vineyards like Essar, which is popular for its sparkling wines and Bairnsdale, which are famous for its boutique wines. All these areas have many different types of local and international wines that are produced to complement the unique Australian gastronomic and regional cuisines.


In early March, you will be able to attend the opening reception of a new boutique hotel by the name of “The Pond”. This hotel, which is situated at the edge of Essar and Bluebush roads in Essar, will provide you with a relaxing and comfortable stay during your stay in this part of the city. You will also have a number of private vineyards available for you to visit during your stay in the area. If you plan to go out for a picnic during spring time, then you should plan this trip well in advance as these are usually held in the summer.

Australian Wines

Australian Wine

The Australian wine business is among the world’s biggest exporters of vitally wine, with more than 800 million from the 1.1 to 1.2 billion liters produced annually exported to worldwide markets. The wine industry accounts for a major contributor to the Australian economy via employment, exports, tourism, and production. In the past, the main Australian wine-producing regions have been the South West of Australia, Margaret River, Orange County and the Bellingen Region in South Australia. There have been a number of expansions in these areas in recent years with further wine-producing regions being added to the list on an ongoing basis. Australian wine has grown to become an internationally recognized beverage with the highest quality and most prestigious wines winning prestigious awards at national and international tastings and competitions.


As indicated by the Australian Government, which produces a large number of Australia’s wine exports, there has been a major shift in the types of grapes used in producing Australian wine. These have been changed to improve their quality, demand and value. The most common varieties used are; Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Malbec and a couple of others. The major wine regions in Australia are; South East, North South East, Western Australia, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, Adelaide and Western Australia.


There are many wineries throughout Australia which produce a wide range of wines and it is not unusual to find a variety of them in any one area. Some of the major vineyards are; The Vineyard, Creek, Glosterwood, Berala Apple, Greenmount, Johnstone, Keith Settlement, Martinborough, Horsham, Rydges, Oxley, Elwood, Burleigh Heads, Mt Gambier, Yountville and the Blue Mountains. Some of the best known regions for producing chill Climate wines include; Barrier Reef, Clare Valley, Mornington Valley, Margaret River, Hunter Valley, Tamar Valley, Tallebudgera, Innamincka, Kings Canyon, Laverdi, Mooloolaba and Oodnadatta. There are also many independent wine producers making an excellent quality wine.

Exclusive Wineries in Australia

Exclusive Wineries in Australia

Wineries are mostly found in the country’s eastern regions, which are mostly dominated by the vineyards of the cooler climate. Australia has a number of internationally renowned and award-winning wineries located on its varied and vast geography. With the right kind of planning and expert advice from experts, a first-time visitor to Australia can get the best experience from visiting the various popular and award-winning wineries in Australia. Here are some of the popular wine-producing and popular wine tasting areas in Australia.


The Hunter Valley is one of the most popular places in Australia where tourists can enjoy wineries and have a wide variety of wines to taste and try. This area is also famous for its coal seam mining activity and thereby provides ample opportunity to observe the different styles of production. The Winemakers of this region make a number of specialty wines and also provide you with some of the best dishes in town. The Winemaking and Tasting Area at Mt Isa is another area that is gaining popularity among tourists who are keen on having the best wine experience.


The Glass House Winery and the Waring Winery are both located in Adelaide Hills, Australia which is one of the most popular wine making cities in the country. Apart from these two wineries, there are numerous other wine-producing establishments in Adelaide Hills. You can also visit other prominent vineyards and tasting areas in the area.